High Quality Boat Plans to Build A Boat


FREE Boat Plans is the starting point of building a boat. If you are planning to build your own boat then you must start looking for the best boat plans that suited your desire and taste. There are different types of boat, you must choose first which type of boat you want to build. The kind of boat that is commonly built is built using wood or commonly known as “wooden boat”. Wooden boat is the easiest to build because it was using wood as the main parts of the boat and wood is easy to find, cheap and can float best in water. Constructing a wooden boat is so easy and you can customize it in any looks or design you want. If you are a newbie in building a boat then you should have a boat plans to follow.

Now that you are ready to build your own boat, you should find a wooden boat plans suited to what kind of boat you want to build. There’s a lot of boat plans available in internet that you can buy or get free. You may get a free boat plans but for sure those kind of boat plans are less in quality and might not have a complete details to follow. So beware of those “FREE boat plans”. Imagine you want to save money and so you search for a free boat plans in internet, then you try to build it and of course you have to buy all the materials you need and after you spend money in buying all the materials during the time of building the boat following the “free boat plans” you get over the internet you’ve found that the boat plans is not complete and just a trash and waste of time(also a BIG waste of money). So free boat plans really don’t help you save money, instead may cost you a lot of money. Don’t be afraid be spend some money in buying a boat plans. It’s worth spending some bucks in boat plans. The fact is boat plans do not cost too much, it is very cheap and you buy hundreds of different High Quality Boat Plans for less than $50 at a one time payment only.

There are boat plans sold for every sheet of plans. It may cost $10 - $20 per boat plans and looks cheap, but there are site that sold boat plans in package deal that contains hundreds of high quality boat plans for les than $50. It is much wiser to buy a boat plans package than to buy a per boat plans. Because in some other time you may also want to build other type of boat so you don’t need to buy again another boat plans. Or if you just buy one then you see that the plan you buy doesn’t satisfy your taste and needs so you already waste of money. So it is better to buy a FREE Boat Plans package boat plans so you have a lot of plans to choose.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why Boat Building Blueprints is Important in Building Wooden Boat

People love to construct of their own things from gadgets, to household stuffs, cabinets, dog house and even boats. We want to make our ideas to be out of our mind and make it a real thing. It is a completely different thing altogether when you are the one that has constructed the entire thing. It is going to be a fulfilling experience that you are going to carry with you for years. In fact, this is the very reason why boat blueprints are becoming so popular with people that want to test the waters. Because being able to ride on a boat that you yourself have built is a soulful experience that one must try in order to fully appreciate.

However, you'll need to understand that creating boats is not all fun and games. While it is going to allow you to save much more money than purchasing a boat that someone else has assembled, boat building is still not going to be cheap. You still have to buy the parts and tools that you are going to need in order to complete the project. Anything from wood to fiberglass to steel can be used on the project, depending on the demands of the blueprint. With that said, the price tag of your entire project would widely depend on your choice of materials.

In addition, there is the time and effort that is involved in creating the project inscribed in boat blueprints. Completing the project is going to take anywhere between a week and a year, depending on your time constraints and the size of the project that you are dealing with. If you are really serious about executing the project, you are going to have to invest a specific amount of time in order to see through it. And you are not just going to invest your time. Your efforts are going to be required by the project too. There are some parts of the blueprint that demand you to execute some very technical details. And even though we remove the relatively scientific and specific parts of the project, it is going to take more than a fair share of elbow grease in order to get the project done. In short, you would have to invest effort in your project, lots of it in fact.

However, when you sum up everything, the difficulty level of executing it properly and the investment that you have to make in order to get the project done is one of the things that make boat blueprints so addictive. This is something that is going to consume you, but eventually you are going to grow and love it. This is the reason why most people that make boats keep coming back for more, project after project. And perhaps, there is only fewer experiences in the world that can be more fulfilling than to see your own project in its completed state. That is why boat blueprints are so popular, and why it is going to continue to be just that for years to come.

Boat Building Steps and Tips

If you want to have a great boat you should build it with the great and best boat plans. Every person equipped with basic woodworking tools, some experience and patience should be able to get his or her dreamboat translated into a real life of excitement and action. Boats do not go out of fashion. After a few years, if your taste or requirements should change, you can always sell your boat and start a new- one. The building of your own boat is a challenge, but if you meet it, the reward is the deep satisfaction of a self-made life afloat.

The first step in building this boat is mostly called "swell time", after selecting the materials, was to make full-size frame patterns. The frames are molded three inches thick, and cut from one-inch stock. The bottoms of all frames are cut with a 15° bevel to lay at the same angle with the transom. All of the side frames are cut straight and are faired after the framing is assembled.

All frames are assembled with three 1½-inch No. 8 brass screws and glued with a good waterproof glue at each joint. No. 4 frame is cut for the seat riser but completely assembled over the full-size pattern. Attach a brace across the top of this frame to hold it together. After the hull is completed, this brace can be removed.

Care must be taken when assembling the transom, as the frame serves as part of the seat riser. The bottom frame on the transom is notched to accept the keel and battens. Use 1¼ No. 8 screws to assemble the transom. The transom bar is installed with two-inch No. 10 screws. All parts are glued.

The stem is next in line. This is cut from two-inch stock and braced on each side with one-inch stock. Be careful to cut the notch for the keel square. The keel is attached to the stem with three two-inch No. 10 screws.

Now make the building form and start setting up the frames. The building form can be made from a straight 2x10 with trestle-type legs. Cut the notches for the frames at 15 and set the frames in place on the form. Legs can be clamped to the transom to hold it in position while the keel is being attached. Use batten compound between the keel and transom. Be sure the transom is level and square with the keel and tack a diagonal brace between transom and keel to hold it in line while the rest of the framing is in progress. Fasten with two l½-inch No. 10 screws at each frame.

After the keel is attached to the frames, secure the keel to the building form. Now attach all the battens in the same manner as the keel, making sure the frames remain square to the keel.

Building a wooden boat is easy and fun. If you have no passion in boating you might need it in the future or in emergency situation. And if you are planning to build a boat, you should have to pick the Best Wooden Boat Plans. Try to build one specially if you are near rivers, lake or ocean and experience how nice it is to build your own boat.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dory Boat Plans

The dream of building or owning your own dory boat can now be a reality!

Imagine Yourself Sitting In Your Dory...That You Actually Built Yourself...With The Sun Shining Down On You...And The Water Quietly Splashing Against The Hull

Now, YOU can build your own Dory, from the same plans that are currently being used by "The Banker Dory" to custom build Banker Dory's for customers all over North America.

We are selling right here, right now, instantly downloadable copies of our famous Banker Dory plans. Build your own 16 Foot long Grand Banks Dory in as little as 2 - 3 weeks, all on your very own....And Save Hundreds of Dollars in the process!!

What's more, all of the materials needed for this boat plan project can be picked up at any local hardware store and lumber yard.

Complete Step-By-Step Instructions
Your purchased set of 16' Banker Dory boat building plans are a step-by-step set of instructions on how to build a world class Grand Banks Dory. Absolutely nothing is left out in the process of building your boat. We explain it ALL in easy to understand terms.
It starts by not only listing all of the necessary tools required, but also includes a picture of each tool. Then we list all of the materials needed for construction, and include digital pictures of each piece of material needed, as well as detailed descriptions and exact measurements for each. Wood, screws, tools, water sealant...everything is described in exact detail for you!
We will tell you in explicit detail how to make each cut and any gotcha's that you need to look out for. We have built many many dories and know the process like the back of our hands.

  • We will show you how to setup your tools.

  • How to make each cut for minimum wastage.

  • Explain the right and wrong way to do something.

  • Where exactly to place your clamps.

  • Where exactly to set your screws.

  • How long you need to let something set before continuing.

  • We even provide recommended product numbers for any products you need to buy like paint and marine caulking.